A Review of Beauty Works Hair Extensions 2021

I am currently on my second set of Beauty Works Celebrity Choice Flat Tip hair extensions and couldn’t be happier with the quality of the hair. Here is my review of these bonded hair extensions which includes quality, price, maintenance and more…


What are bonded hair extensions?

Bonded hair extensions are pieces of human hair which are attached to little plastic bonds and attached to small sections of your own hair. This is usually done to add thickness to your hair or to add both volume and length. The person fitting your extensions should always be trained to fit the particular brand of extensions you have chosen to buy as there are many brands and so there are many variations of hair extensions and application types. For example, my hair extensions were fitted by a certified Beauty Works hair stylist who has trained with the brand and has the correct tools and knowledge when applying their hair to yours. Bonded extensions can last for many months! But this all depends on how well you look after them of course. Once fitted correctly they can be virtually invisible in your hair and add that thickness or length you had been trying so hard to grow naturally. It is very true when they say your hair is your crown…it is the first thing I tend to notice about another person as I spent so many years trying to regrow dyed and damaged hair.


How long do bonded hair extensions last?

There is no straight answer to this question as the length of time bonded hair extensions can last really varies. To give you an estimate I would say from 3 – 6 months max. My last set of bonded hair extensions lasted 6 months although ideally I would have removed them at 5 months due to the amount of growth in my hair. Thanks to COVID-19 and lock downs in Ireland I had to wait until my hairdresser was back to work which meant my bonds had grown a lot and were more visible as they grew out from my scalp.

A lot of different factors play into whether your bonded hair extensions will last into the latter months. Some of these are brushing, washing, shampoos, conditioners, water and even the way you wear your extensions at night! My first ever set of bonded hair extensions did not end well with water quality, shampoo choice and wrong brush choice resulting in very knotted bonds and an ordeal when it came to taking them out. I made sure that the second time around I would do everything right and as a result I have had two more sets since with zero knots both times!

Do bonded extensions damage your hair?

This is a controversial question and I have waited to write my own response until I have had a few sets of bonded extensions in and out. So far there has been no visible damage to my own hair from using Beauty Works pre-bonded hair extensions. The first time around when I did not look after my extensions as good as I could have plus using a dodgy water supply (full of metals) my hair did suffer as knots formed between my own hair and the extensions wrapping around the bonds. I certainly lost some hair unnecessarily when they were taken out but definitely learned my lesson and have made sure to not let those knots form again!

Over my past three sets of bonded hair extensions I have not had any damage besides the odd bond pulling out my hair from the root – this was down to me being rough and my hair being a little thin where the bond was placed. Since moving to Beauty Works however this has never happened and when they were taken out Beauty Works bonds have left my own hair in better condition than before they were put in! My hair has visibly grown and improved in health as I have to style my own natural hair less thanks to the bonded extensions and I also don’t die it as much as the bonded hair gives me that bright blonde colour right to my ends.

Before my first set of bonded hair extensions…
After my first fitting of bonded hair extensions…

How much do bonded hair extensions cost?

Bonded hair extensions (or pre-bonded as mine are called) vary greatly in price depending on the brand, quality, colour and length of extensions you want. It also depends on how many bonds you need to buy so how many packets of hair you will need to create your look. Your hair dresser is the person to advise you of this as they will be able to tell how many bonds you will need to create the volume and/or length you’re looking for. With BeautyWorks Celebrity Choice Flat Tips, they come in three different lengths – 18, 20 and 24 inches. There is a huge range of colour options also. Once you decide on the colour and the length then you can choose the number of packets you will need. My bonded extensions that are currently in my hair cost around €130 to buy and another €100 to fit and style. This is a relatively cheap price in terms of Beauty Works as I don’t use many bonds to fill out my shoulder – length hair style. I simply use one pack of bonds which is enough for filling out my hair at the front where it is tough to grow out and scatter the rest to fill out my ends. If you want a full-head of Beauty Works bonded hair extensions then you should be ready for a bigger price-tag as you will need more packets of bonds and most likely a longer length. All of this can be priced on Beauty Works’ website.

How much maintenance do bonded hair extensions need after fitting?


Brushing your hair every day, carefully but thoroughly, is essential for maintaining bonded hair extensions and the quality of your own hair. I use a hair extensions brush which has bristles that don’t catch the bonds when you brush through from root to tip. I also use a Tangle Teezer which was the best advice I got from my hairdresser to keep any knots from forming around the bonds. I gently pull the Tangle Teezer through my roots after brushing any knots out of the ends first. This keeps the hair in check at the scalp and makes sure any possible knots are targeted which wouldn’t be caught by the hair extensions brush. 


I used to wash my hair too often as I have oily hair and find it gets greasy quickly. I now use dry shampoo and try to leave washing to every 3 days as the less you wash your hair extensions the better they will last! Twice a week at most is the usual guideline but there are times I go over this to three times a week and that’s fine once it’s not a regular thing.

Shampoo & Conditioner:

This is really important. I only use shampoos recommended to me by my hair extensions stylist that I know will not damage my expensive bonds. Currently I use Semi-Di-Lino Illumination Shampoo and conditioner which is sulphate-free and doesn’t contain any ‘repair’ ingredients which could soften or weaken the bonds over time. Conditioner should be kept away from the bonds when applied as this too will soften them over time and result in you losing bonds.


This won’t apply to everyone but take it from someone who has lost and damaged my healthy hair over years due to metals in shower water, water quality is so, so important. Being blonde makes it even more important as the presence of metals in your water supply can cause your blonde to turn a green shade and these metals will quickly react with the bleach and damage your hair! I now am never without a shower filter attached to my shower hose and a clarifying shampoo in my bathroom. This can only be good for any hair type as the filter gets rid of any chemicals or metals that could cause long-term damage to your hair.


I find styling very easy with Beauty Works extensions and also find I style using heat much less than when I don’t have them in. The bonded hair blow dries like a dream and holds straight or curly whichever way you feel. Styling them up can be a challenge at first when you try to get used to hiding each bond from sight but once they are applied well this shouldn’t be difficult. One piece of advice that most people ignore…always (or as often as possible) tie your hair in a low ponytail or in a loose plait for bed to keep your extensions from knotting over time. This also protects your own hair from unnecessary tugging and pulling throughout the night as you turn during your sleep.

Why should I choose Beauty Works for bonded hair extensions?

I have tried three different brands of bonded hair extensions now and can honestly say that Beauty Works is my ultimate choice for pre-bonded extensions. As a blonde I think they are especially good as it can be tough to get really good, clean coloured blonde hair when it comes to extensions. The hair extensions I chose (with the help of my Beauty Works certified hairdresser of course) were pre-bonded hair extensions called Celebrity Choice Flat Tips. The colour I chose was Bohemian Blonde and I got them in the shortest length available (18 inch) as I like to keep my hair at shoulder length. I simply use them to fill out the front and ends of my own damaged blonde hair and to make my hair look much healthier than it does without them.


The colour of my Beauty Works extensions never changes from the minute I get them in to the minute I get them out 5 months later and sometimes longer these days! I have had problems with a different brand of bonded hair extensions with colour change and brassiness which is really frustrating when you’ve paid a lot of money and you have to repeatedly tone the bonded hair to regain the original colour.

I will say that any bonded hair extensions are an investment and really shouldn’t be bought and applied unless you are willing to give them the time it takes to maintain them. Beauty Works are quite expensive and are certainly an investment but they are completely worth it in my experience! They offer student discounts year round which varies from 10% to 15% off. This may sound small but it’s a nice discount when you’re spending a large amount of money like that. There are sales during the year too which you could keep an eye out for if you really can’t afford to invest in full price product.


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