My Hair Story

My name is Shannon O’Sullivan and I started this site to help others out when it comes to seeking out and buying hair extensions. When it comes to hair extensions I’ve tried many…from dodgy clip-ins to quality bonds. Currently I have a new set of pre-bonded hair extensions in my hair and couldn’t be happier with them. As a natural brunette, turned bleach blonde, turned balayage, turned ash blonde…I’ve damaged my hair a lot.

My weakness for blonde hair has been the bane of my hair’s existence since I first got a full head of highlights as a teenager. Between this damage, metals in my local water supply and heat, my hair has really suffered and led me to seek out hair extensions more than once. Many of us are not blessed with long, thick, glossy hair or like me maybe you once had quite nice hair but a series of bad decisions has led to the loss or damage of your own natural locks.

Here on this site I aim to give my personal opinion on hair extension brands. I provide honest reviews of products which have all been tried and tested by me. Your hair is something you wear everyday so it deserves the most care and attention!